Oxblood lilies (Rhodophiala bifida)


A favorite of Texas gardeners, this September flowering bulb brings scarlet to hot September gardens.  The small, 8-10 inch tall flowers emerge on naked stems, with foliage coming later.  They are similar to the red spider lilies of the Deep South. 

Oxblood lilies need very high pH.  So add lime and maybe some broken up hunks of concrete when you plant.  On our SC farm, the pH is about 4.7 – Oxbloods like a pH of  7.5 or 8 !  Without added lime, they simply wither away.  

They make excellent container plants — if you don’t water them in the summer!  Let them dry out, let them bake in the sun, then water and rain in September stimulate a spectacular pot of flowers.

We ship 3 bulbs per order – perfect for a small pot to pamper. Scratch that — if you pamper, they die. Perfect for a small pot to ignore.  


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