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Tiger Lily Bulbs


Every one loves these tiger spotted petals! Easy to grow and easy to share as the stems are lined with little black bulbils which make new plants!

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Flowers: Fascinating and showy, one of the most commented on flowers in our summer garden! Tons of tiger spotted petals!

Flowering Season: Late May and June.

Leaves: These leaves are slender but on tall stalks (scapes). Glossy and dark green, they’re pretty when they emerge in late March until they disappear in mid-summer.

How To Plant: Plant at a depth of four to five inches. .

Where To Plant: Full sun and good drainage. Plant them under a red rose bush or near a fence, they need a little support to stay upright.

Our Bulbs: We ship packs of 3, ready to flower bulbs.

This is probably Lilium lancifolium flora plenea

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