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Milling Pine Trees for Lumber to Build A Garden Shed

The tree guys call these hazard trees. That’s the professional jargon for a tree that might fall on someone or something. I called these particular pines spectacular; 120′ tall ancient beings that helped define the character of this garden, in fact, the charm of this entire part of town.  The owners of the garden did… Read More

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A parking lot garden, that alternately bakes and floods.  Less than a year after planting.

Parking Gardens; Plants That That Fry & Flood

I was talking to this guy the other day, a great landscaper, who tries to be earth friendly, and he says he just doesn’t do jobs without an irrigation system.  “There’s just no way you can plant it and guarantee it will live.” Well, I can.  Here’s a link to a garden where we had… Read More

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