Native Trees Handout

This is a plant list for a presentation for Columbia Green Foundations.  We’ll leave it posted here for just 24 hours!  



Start Small

Show Your Root Flare

Plant for Diversity

Take Care; Water, Lime, and Root Zone



Bald Cyprus            Taxodium distichum

‘Lindsey Skyward’, ‘Shawnee Brave’, ‘Cody Feathers’

Sweet Gum         Liquidambar styraciflua

‘Slender Silhouette, ‘Rotundifolia’

Red Cedar         Juniperus virginiana

‘Asencion’,  ‘Brodie’, ‘Taylors’


Tupelo          Nyssa sylvatica

‘Green Gables’


Tulip Popular        Liriodendron tulipifera

Sycamore           Platanus occidentalis

Pine           Pinus palustrus, P. taeda, P. virginiana

Kentucky Coffee Bean        Gymnocladus dioicus





  Excellent bare root trees from Womac in Texas and Ison’s in Georgia

Riverbirch Betula nigra

Magnolia grandiflora & Beech Island, SC


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