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Crinum oliganthum

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Really dwarf!  Mature, it looks sort of like a big clump of monkey grass — less than 18 inches tall!  An excellent plant for a wet spot.

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Growing Conditions: It requires regular to wet soil and full sun to light shade.

Flowers: Star shaped, pure white flowers on 15 inch scapes.

Flowering Season: It always blooms in mid summer. June and July in Zone 8. Never has tons of flowers but

Leaves: 15 inches tall and half and inch wide. This is a runner, so leaves come up close together, almost like a soft liriope.

How To Plant: Plant to a depth of three to five inches. This bulb runs and will make a groundcover.

Where To Plant: They thrive in shady, meadow-style planting, or even in ditches and places that occasionally flood. Can grow in a very shallow soil profile.  Can tolerate drought (doesn’t look great in drought) which makes it a good green roof candidate.

Our Bulbs: We ship full, 4 inch pots; they are flowering size but note that this is a small bulb as crinum go, so don’t be surprised the bulbs are only marble sized!

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 4 × 3 in

Video: Crinum oliganthum a Dwarf for Wet Shady Places