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Jenks with a freshly dug, ready to ship crinum bulb.

Why I Decided to Self-Publish

‘Funky Little Flower Farm’ stories include memories like my coming out, of being with my father on his deathbed and Momma’s memories of her grandparents. I want to share them, but I want control over how they get published now and forever. When I struck a book deal with a publisher for my first book,… Read More

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Deep Rooted Wisdom Reviews

Y’all don’t need to read this. It’s just plain tacky, but a PR person told me I needed to do it. Therefore, for the sake of “link love”, which apparently means you stroke my back and I’ll stroke yours in the social media world, here are all the places that Deep Rooted Wisdom has some “online… Read More

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Tom and I spent an amazing 24 hours with an old friend, John Fairey, outside of Houston.   John’s been there, gardening in the same place since the early 70s, but he says he’s still a South Carolinian. He named his garden after the fictional Beauregard Plantation in Auntie Mame  (or if he needs a sweeter… Read More

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