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Jenks with a freshly dug, ready to ship crinum bulb.

Why I Decided to Self-Publish

‘Funky Little Flower Farm’ stories include memories like my coming out, of being with my father on his deathbed and Momma’s memories of her grandparents. I want to share them, but I want control over how they get published now and forever. When I struck a book deal with a publisher for my first book,… Read More

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Earthform urn with a craborchard stone block surround.

Earthforming a Rustic Urn

The circular patio holds a 1,000 pound urn. We made it.  It’s a seating bench, a place to rest a drink or plate and it is an urn for a Japanese Apricot tree.   The earth-formed texture, (as well as patio texture) come from our farm’s clay, roots and thick weave burlap.  In the sides, there… Read More

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ArtFlow; Craftsmen & Artist in Gardens

My grandfather painted, my father made furniture and I make gardens.  Those men certainly influenced and encouraged my creative side.  I’ll discuss them and show slides of the work of some incredible artist and craftsmen who’ve make the foundations for creative gardens over the year.

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Artisans, Craftsmen and the Foundations of Garden Design

Sometimes I felt as if I was torn between being a scientist and an artist.  So I compromised and became a horticulturist. —  from the design chapter, Finding The Spirit, of Deep Rooted Wisdom, …. I’m too dirty to make gardeny-decorator things that look neat on Pinterest. Sure I can make cool stuff from left… Read More

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Stone Artistry as the Garden Floor

Nothing like watching a master of his artwork.  I get to orchestrate and feel the energy of carpenters, masons, metal smiths on projects all working toward a shared goal– garden making.   Watching can be mesmerizing.  Do you know the phrase, “the eroticism of competence”?  Those on a mission to make, to create have the energy. … Read More

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