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A New Years Resoilution

In this year, when we walk let’s walk walk with big, amazing steps. Considering every every cell and bone and where each foot falls. Connect to the life below each step. Feel the the tiny creatures in their universe below ground. When we garden this year, let’s weed, kneel, dig, spray in ways that make… Read More

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Etioliated Sweet Potato

You’re making me Blanch…Etioliation

Etiolation: You know when you leave a bucket on the grass and all the grass under it goes sort of pale green and white?  That is etioliation.  It’s a plant response to trying to grow in low light intensity. When it finally reaches the sun, it starts to turn green (that is de-etiloation). We eat… Read More

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Figs & Friends: Growing, harvesting, and eating from your own backyard orchard


If you’re into growing your own sustainable food in your backyard, you’ll definitely want to attend this hands-on event at our farm in Beech Island, SC.

Our focus for the day will be on creating your own little orchard with easy-care, low-spray, high-production fruit trees. Think how great it would be to walk into your back yard and pick your own fresh fruit to eat, to cook with, to preserve, and to give away to friends and family. We’ll focus on figs, persimmons, pomegranates, loquats, and ume. You’ll learn where to plant them, the soil to use to make them happy and, most importantly, which varieties to plant. We’ll learn about the best options for central Georgia and Carolina.

We have a full morning planned for you, beginning with an engaging orientation and tasting of the fruits of the day. Then a very personalized tour of the farm to see our fruit trees (veggie garden, chickens, lilies, and donkeys, too). Next we’ll take some time to share stories and develop friendships over a sumptuous lunch that will  conclude with some of Momma’s fig-and-lemon pound cake.

After a little time to digest, we’ll begin a hands-on propagation project, during which you’ll learn how to propagate these trees and will even be able to take a fig cutting home to plant in your back yard. We’ll round out the day discovering a curated collection of the best cultivars of small fruit trees for your yard.

We’ll have our favorite easy-care small fruit trees (including figs) for sale, too.

David Hutchison, owner of the Book Tavern in Augusta, will join us with a fig-and-friends selection of books recommended by Jenks for you to browse and buy. There will be nonfiction titles that can serve as great resource books for you as well as fiction titles that will get you (and keep you) in the mood for your very own freshly grown figs and persimmons, pomegranates, loquats, and ume.


Tom Hall
Tom Hall owns and operates Plantsman Specialty Nursery with Jenks. He’s been an organic food advocate for years, passionately growing organic food plants on the farm among the crinum lilies for 10 years. Tom will lead tours and help you pick the best fruit trees for your garden.
Jenks Farmer
Jenks Farmer, the nationally recognized author of Deep-Rooted Wisdom, designs gardens and landscapes for clients around the country. In addition to using crinum lilies in his designs, he also likes to incorporate easy-to-grow, beautiful edibles in his landscapes. He’s organically grown figs, loquats, and other fruits his whole life.
Gerald McIntosh
Gerald McIntosh managed a small urban orchard with DC Greens — a non-profit dedicated to helping young people garden and eat well. Gerald moved to South Carolina to work with our farm and garden-design business and recently worked with Jenks to plant a garden with over 18 different edibles and a killer pizza oven!


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Hay Bales to Flower Fields

How our little farm has transitioned over the decades.  And how that is a reflection of what people want in their own back yards….and what society wants and needs.


I know it sounds deep and boring. But really it will be a bunch of great stories including donkeys, grandmothers, interns and lessons about soil and flowers!

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Gum Drop Tree Planting!

Deer Moss and Gum Drop Trees

December means hiking into a special dry place in our woods.  It’s a bald spot, open and dry and sunny. A magic carpet of deer moss yields spongy with each step. Silvery green carpet colors, climb the little haw trees too.  Lichens, with silver leaves. Only lichens are not plants, so they don’t have leaves. … Read More

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Just a day after completion, friends gathered for Thanksgiving Pizza!

Kitchen And Pantry In The Yard — A Cooking and Gathering Garden.

Patrick, the client, turned this garden design upside down. The original plan was for a spiffy lap pool. But Patrick loves to cook and he really wanted an outdoor kitchen; not the kind with stainless steel appliances and an keg-erator. But a real outdoor kitchen complete with a pantry full of fruits and veggies. We… Read More

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Elephant Garlic; Buy it in the grocery store, plant it in the garden, eat it every year.

Trends in Foodscaping

“Over the past decades, our plant pallet changed in ways other than you might expect. Plant explorers and breeders bring new plants into nurseries. They, as well as garden designers, decorators and all sorts of cultural leaders, become the tastemakers, slowly changing which plants we can get hold of…..One slow, huge change, tracks our shift… Read More

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ONLY Three Seeds Covered this Trellis with Giant Gourds

A few winters ago winter I sketched out the shape of trellis I drempt up.  I wanted this massive thing to fit in on the farm. I wanted visitors to look at it and wonder if it used to be some sort of agricultural structure. Then I went to the metal yard, built it and… Read More

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The Otherside of the Web Page

I’d like to introduce you to three fellas who keep our website running. They are important in our life. And in your life too. Without the guys who do tedious, frustrating and creative web stuff, I couldn’t focus on growing good bulbs, nor could you read about or buy them for your garden. What’s behind… Read More

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