Planting a Perennial Border for Hospice Cut Flowers

Linda has a cool story.  She’s cared for her parents, worked a lot and ready to retire.  But not ready to slow down.  So she bought a little farm house at the edge of booming suburbs and is planning a cut flower operation– specifically to give cut flowers to local hospice centers.

She’s into nutrition, wants to keep it organic and even offer classes and gatherings in the garden.

I planned the plants.  Collin did some cool welded sculptures of rebar and old farm tools.  Here’s a quick video of the installation.  And below that is a partial plant list of easy care, excellent cut flowers for the hottest parts of South Carolina.

We included about a dozen perennials, foliage plants, and flowers, of course; most provide both:

Salvia x ‘Jenks Farmer’ &  ‘Henry Duelberg’

Achellia ‘Summer Pastels’

Crinum ‘Claude Davis’

Prunus mume ‘Omoi-no-mama’

Baptisia x ‘Carolina Moonlight’

Pennisetum ‘Princes Molly’

And since this was a fall planting, we over seeded with larkspur and scarlet frills mustard.  We’ll come back later to plant Leucojum and other perennial bulbs.



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  1. Bobbi Anderson on October 5, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Hey Jenks my voodoo llily has interesting grayish beige bumps at junctures where leaves meet the main stems.(penduncle ? petiole? I forget the term). Are these seeds, seedpods, or what? Thaks for the help! Both my blood lilies and voodoo lilies were spectacular!

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