Time to Cut Back

Good god at the weeds.  In my city garden, I compromised;  broke down and used some chemicals.   But on the lily farm, for two years now,  the crinum lily fields have been organic.  I just can’t taint the purity of my lilies.

Really, I can’t stand the thought of the toxins settling in the dirt, or that someone (me) would breath them in or the bees would vacuum them up.   So I thought and thought.  The only answer seemed  to be: pull those weeds.

No one was happy at the enormous task.   And, I am really not that kind of thinker.  Did I say, the only answer?

That sort of thinking makes me crazy in life.  I am a ‘more than one way to skin the cat’ kind of guy.  I could cut them with a pocketknife.  Vinegar?   Borrow some goats?   Sleep on it.  Drempt a lovely dream of floating high above the field of pink lilies, warm and floaty, naked and not afraid, a magic carpet ride over a fragrant field in warming sun.   I love solving problems in dream.

You can cut back all sorts of things now; in any perennial border.  With summer heat and rain, things will grow and look great again by fall.  Especially if you follow up by a summer topping of great compost and manure.

Crinum field cut!

Crinum field cut!



Soon enough it'll look like this again.

Soon enough it’ll look like this again.

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