Plant List for Greenville Master Gardeners — Funky Little Flower Farm

The Bulb Lawn

Ornithogalum umbellatum  Star of Bethlehem

Southern Snowflake  Leucojum aesiveticum  Read More

Muscari neglectum  Grape Hyacinth

Tulipa clusiana  

Lycoris radiata Red Spider Lily   Read More

Lycoris sprengeri   Tie-die Spider Lily


Summer Bulbs

Haemanthis aka Scadoxis   Blood Lily Read More

Amorphophalus sp.   Read More

Hymenocallis harrisiana Mexican River Shoals Lily

Crinum bulbispermum ‘Aurora Glorialis’  Read More



Chrysanthemum ‘Judy’s Yellow’

Chrysanthemum ‘Senate Street’

Chrysanthemum “Miss Gloria’s Thanksgiving Day Mum’


Our book, Funky Little Flower Farms shares lessons of soil care and plant selection through stories.  For the underlying science and more indepth discussion please read Deep Rooted Wisdom. 

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