Jenkster’s Parsley Party Salsa

It’s too easy to grow and too good for your body to be used only as a garnish.  Years ago, I came up with this way to use a lot parsley in a salsa — it is an unexpected crowd-pleaser inspired by a trip to Cambodia!

The ingredients list is below.  Here’s what to do:


  1. Chop a bunch of parsley up really fine.

    3 cups of finely chopped parsley. Curly parsley make a more crisp salsa which I like but flat-leaf parsley works too.

    Add about 2 cups of chopped sunflower seed. I use raw seed.

    Beside what’s shown here, the sauce also includes some honey or sugar water and red pepper flakes. The sauce is basically Tuk Trey, something I fell in love with in Cambodia. The sauce is also called Nuoc Cham.

    The sauce looks sort of like this.

    Mix parsley, sunflower seed and sauce. I make it a bit dry as it will get soggy over night. It’s great right away but also good to store for a few days. Or you can chop parsley and nuts, make the sauce, and store each separately till you have a sudden need for a Jenkster’s Parsley Party.

    Parsley grows easily from seed. We leave some to go to flower, usually about May. Then we can collect the seeds.  On the lily farm, we use it for food, to attract pollinators and as a cover crop. The ultimate plant for ‘stacking functions’ a concept explored in my book Deep Rooted Wisdom. If you want to know more about the farm, get the book or plan a visit for your group. Click Here.



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