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Picklin’ Okra

Learn some old-school pickling skills with a real Southern cook. Join Gloria Farm — she’ll lead and demonstrate while you prep your own pickles.  While they’re cooking, enjoy  handsome young, hip, British  Chris Smith, author of the brand new book The Whole Okra.

Chris grows over 70 varieties of okra.  70.  Yes. 70.  And he makes okra infused vodka, which is pink. Pink. We’ll all get to sample it. 

He’ll also have fresh bulk okra to sell, so you can take home plenty to teach your family how to pickle okra too!

We’ll focus on using okra for food and fun — it’ll be hot and we’ll mostly be inside.  But we’ll also do a lily farm tour — and if you want, pick okra from the farm.  Bring long sleeves for this part!

We have a full afternoon planned for you with light snacks recipes and all things okra.  Then a very personalized tour of the farm including the new classroom built into our 1900’s barn.

Chris Smith farms in Asheville NC

Gloria Farmer makes awesome pickles!

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Plant glads and hyacinth bean seeds in late July for fall.

It’ll Be Fine By Fall

Gardening, painting, sculpting. Those things have something in common– they all start with imagination of something you’ll bring to fruition. A vision. Sometimes these really hot days make me have visions.  Stiffling hot. Swooningly hot. I chop some crinum down to the ground; it’ll be fine by fall, I think to myself. I weed, pulling… Read More

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Inspired by Past; Gardening for Today in Historic Spots

Living in historic homes means caring for, respecting the past.  But making the place work for today. It also can mean wresting with huge challenges of parts of the past we find appalling today.

Jenks discusses gardens he’s designed for today on site from Antebellum to Mid-Century Modern. Enjoy slides, stories of wresting with the past.

And get a peak at his new book, which describes modern life on his families 1750 era farmstead near Aiken SC.

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Open Source vs. Proprietary Plants — Can People “Own” Plants?

Yes, they can, they do and they want to own even more.   You can, but it’s complex and expensive.  So mostly the people who own plants are huge agricultural companies. They control the plant– you’ve heard about this with genetic modification no doubt, but it sure happens in the flower world, too.  It used to… Read More

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They’re Like Southerners but with Funny Accents

We’ve been on some pretty exciting trips this summer.  A flight to do a reading at the famed Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia included staying in a house that was recently featured in the New York Times. The road trip to lecture at the U.S. Botanical Garden ended with a tour of some extraordinary private gardens… Read More

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photo from city-data

South Carolina Safari — Walterboro, SC

Here’s a great little road trip y’all can join in on– it includes romance, food, car culture, farming, blackwater swamps and book stores.   Thursday evening, I’m doing a book reading (ok, sometimes it comes off as save-the-earth-preaching) at the Walterboro Farmer’s Market/Colleton County Museum.  (click for time/directions). For Columbia, Beaufort, Charleston, Savannah friends, make an… Read More

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Fall Garden Visiting Slide Show

November has been a busy time with garden visiting and talking and trading plants and such.  Here’s a little slide show of a few of the gardens we’ve visited.   We’re still dividing plants, no it’s not too cold.  But next week is sharing time again;   on Monday, Bob Polomski & Jenks talk about Deep Rooted… Read More

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